Top SEO Trends for 2017

SEO professionals should keep up with the latest trend in the industry. Their strategies must be in line with the latest and ongoing trends. By understanding these trends and take the necessary actions, you will have huge improvements in your SEO performance:

  1. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): It’s Google new project to deliver highly optimized content to users with mobile devices. It’s a HTML-based technology that loads four times faster than standard HTML pages. While there’s no direct SEO impact of implementing AMP, it’s likely for websites to get more impressions and clicks, especially among mobile users.
  1. Mobile-First Index: It’s another solution from Google to provide mobile version of search listing. The technology is also accessible for desktop and laptop users. Mobile-First Index is another pathway that people can use to visit a preferred website.
  1. Penguin 4.0: Like previous Penguin algorithm versions, it is designed to improve the accuracy of search listing, while penalizing websites that implement illegal methods. It’s also an opportunity for previously penalized websites to get re-indexed or regain the long lost rank position in search listing.
  1. Quick Answer: Google provides Quick Answer to provide relevant information snippets to users, so they don’t need to wade through so many results. It’s an opportunity for website owners to reach potential visitors and improve the overall traffic.
  1. RankBrain: It is a component of Google’s algorithm that’s based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It is designed to improve the relevance and accuracy of search results, through better understanding of search queries. Website owners should deliver high-quality and relevant content to take advantage of RankBrain technology.
  1. Engagement Metrics: On-page engagements affect search results based on user-driven metrics. It is an important factor to secure rank in Google’s results. In 2017, it is more essential to track engagement metrics.
  1. Dense, Bite-sized Content: People don’t want to read fluff content all the time. List-based articles will continue to be a preferred way of delivering information to users.
  1. Personal Branding: It should always be a part of any core SEO strategy. Blogs with strong personal brand are able to encourage users to search with the unique blog name. Many companies and blogs use generic-looking brand, which makes it harder for users to differentiate them.
  1. More Sophisticated Mobile Devices: Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are getting more sophisticated. Mobile web browsers also contain more helpful features to deliver relevant results. Website owners should be aware of latest mobile-based ranking technologies.

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