Five Ways to Keep Your SEO Clients Forever

SEO ClientsSEO campaigns don’t just become successful overnight, so it is important that we are able to keep our SEO clients as long as possible. There are ways to keep our clients happy and it is important to provide them with a SEO campaign that works. Otherwise, it is possible that they will waste all their money.

Here are some important factors that could maintain a strong relationship with SEO clients.

    • Understand and Analyze Business Goals: Business goals can be misunderstood or the least understood aspect in SEO campaign. Instead of focusing on higher search engine rankings, clients may get more benefits from higher sales. Ranking alone doesn’t guarantee business success and SEO should be focused more return on investment and customer acquisition.


    • Perform Multi-channel Optimization: Many times, SEO professionals focus too much on specific SEO methods, such as paid or organic search traffic. In reality, a specific SEO channel may not be reliable indefinitely and it is important to perform multi-channel process to achieve full-service, robust SEO performance.
    • Deliver Curated and Custom Reporting: SEO professionals should go beyond understanding business goals. They should also be able to explain the value of their SEO services. This can be represented by proper curated and custom reporting. SEO clients should be given clear and simple reports based on accurate metrics and statistics.
    • Provide Accurate Numbers: It is important to create trust with numbers and clients should be given ongoing performance statistics based on the traffic data. By providing accurate data it means that we shouldn’t give them over-inflated numbers, caused by spam bot traffic. SEO professionals should know where the traffic comes from.
    • Communication is Important: SEO professionals should always look for ways to best communicate with their clients, because many professionals learn this the hard way.

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