Amazon Product Ranking Tips

Amazon Product RankingAmazon is so large that it’s like a search engine for nearly all kinds of products on the Internet. Ranking high in Amazon is a technique that’s quite similar to traditional SEO. Here are tips that you may consider:

  • Positive Customer Reviews: It is an important factor if you want to rank high in Amazon’s results. This is an indication you have high quality products and they actually work.
  • Answered Questions: It indicates that you are responsive and people will interact with you more. Your willingness to address issues and problems will increase trust among prospective buyers in Amazon.
  • Image Size and Image Quality: Images are the only way for people to see your products. It means that your image should be large enough and have good quality. If your images are smaller than 1000 x 1000 pixels, they won’t be enough for the “Hover-to-Zoom” feature to work. This capability will increase engagement and sales. People will feel that they are able to examine your product up-close, something that’s essential; because they can’t check your products physically.
  • Proper Pricing: So many people sort products by price that it is important that you implement proper pricing. A good pricing can be achieved when it guarantees the highest value, which is a ratio between price and features/quality. This can be achieved when you check the competition and you need to make sure that your product prices are attractive.
  • Use Parent-Child Feature: With this feature, relevant customers can be directed to a single product page much more quickly. This will ensure that they will actually purchase your products.
  • Use the Right Keyword: It’s similar to any search engine optimization task. Your keyword should be the most relevant and the one that’s likely people will use to search for specific product.
  • Increase Time on Page and Reduce Bounce Rate: Amazon measures metrics related to user behavior in each page, including time on page and bounce rate. If people stay longer in your product page, it often indicates that your product is relevant enough. If people are genuinely interested in your product, the bounce rate will be reduced. If people perform a search, go to your page and then they leave almost immediately, you will have high bounce rate and it’s not a good indicator. There are ways to increase time on page and reduce bounce rate. You need to include enough bullet points and features description. Product specifications must be detailed enough so people know what they will buy.

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